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One App,
Many Uses

Antenatal/Parent Class  App
For Midwives, GP's, Educators, Doulas and Student Midwives


A full Curriculum/Teaching Plan


Offering Gold Standard in Education and Support

Created to inspire, guide and support!

  • Evidence based resources that support Parents in their Pregnancy journey:

  • Early pregnancy: Healthy Eating, Smoking, Drugs, Morning sickness

  • Information: on Prevention and Support of Perinatal Mental Health

  • Guidance: on Labour and Birth Options

  • Support: with Breast and Bottle Feeding

  • Links: to evidence based information

  • Updated: regularly to keep ahead of change

Complete Teaching Plan/Curriculum 

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EasyRead with Illustrations

Illustrations and pictures to support teaching and learning

Instantly Accessible

Easy to navigate, 3 clicks to information

Evidence Based Content

Information is linked to resources and information for further learning


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Antenatal Class Resources:

  • Power Point Sessions

  • Videos

  • Photos

  • Games

  • Demos

  • PDF links

  • Virtual Charts

  • Resources

  • Affirmations

All at a touch of a button! Mirror image to a TV or on Zoom. 

Share with your parents to support learning!

If you are a Hospital or Clinic and would like to offer the App to your parents contact us: for a pricing

Offering Gold standard in Education and Support!

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Simple Plans

A user licence, annual subscription, is offered to Hospitals and Clinics/Professionals who wish to distribute to their

Maternity Workers and Parents

Personalised Content

The App is offered on adoption, licensed, bespoke to your organisations requirements... links, videos and pictures

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Community Support

The App can be purchased through the

App Stores!


Download the app now!

Download the app today to start your journey towards a safe and positive childbirth experience.

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